How to do Pet Transfer in Dragonborn Knight

This guide is going to solve your pet transfer problem. Follow all the instructions in this guide to transfer the pet. 

The pets that you want to transfer couldn’t be on the pet list. So let’s check how to transfer them. 

The first thing you must do is to make sure both pets are idle. It means they are not assigned to any kind of activity. And stop the target pets from work. 

Unassigned them from challenges. Also, you have to remove them from the battle pet arena formation. 

Undeploy the pets from all formations.

And also from both defense and challenge modes. 

Now let’s start the pet transfer. If you want to replace all the pet skills, don’t forget to check the checkbox. 

All pet skills will be transferred. But if you don’t want to transfer the skills, uncheck the box and then the target pet skills will remain.  

Be sure to check this information as well. 

To do the pet transfer, you will need covenant scroll. You can buy this from the shop, with diamonds or buy it from a battle pet shop (recommended). 

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