How to Do Spellcraft Challenges in Forspoken

This guide will provide you with the fastest and easiest way to do the Spellcraft challenges in Forspoken.

For the first one, you will need to go to the following location on the map and run down the path. There will be a huge horde of zombies, kill all of them to complete your spellcraft challenge.

You can respawn all of them instantly. Now if you fast travel up to the northwest of the next area, you will find a home in the bottom right corner. Fast travel there, then back to the house and come back out. After that, all the zombies will respawn.

In the next one, you have to target enemies weakness specific magic. Make your way to the following location on the map, run directly south and jump over the cliffs.

There will be about six or seven goats, you have to kill them to complete the challenge. If you want to respawn them, go to the next area, fast travel to the above location and return to the house. They will respawn after that.