How to Do the Witches Quest in Wacky Wizards

This guide will teach you how to do the “Witches Quest” and get the new “Witches Brew” item in Roblox Wacky Wizard. 

You will need to go to this cave in the desert to find the witch. 

The witch needs something to light their cauldron, let’s make a hot potion.  

You will need 1 chili.

After that, bring the potion over the witch.   

Let’s make a speed potion.  

It needs to have a total of giraffe hooves. Now, you will need to come to the waterfall.  

It should be somewhere at the top of it! 

Then go into the spider cave.  

There you go, the new witches brew ingredients. That is how you guys can obtain the new item!  

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