How to do “Walk together with a living crystal of snow” – Pokemon Crown Tundra

In this guide, you will come to know how to do the “Walk together with a living Crystal of Snow” temple quest in Pokemon Crown Tundra

When you get closer to Green temple, it will say “Walk together with a living crystal of snow”. 

It means you will need Cryogonal Pokemon to open the door of the Green Temple. You can easily find this pokemon from the very close area to the green temple. Once you have it, you have to put it in the first slot in your party. 

You have to enable the overworld pokemon to hang around with you. Now you need to head back with this pokemon and speak with the door, and it will open for you. 

You will need to light up all of the little platforms on the ground and then speak with the statue on the back to trigger a fight with Reggie Ice when you get inside. You have to win this fight and capture the pokemon because you need him for the final temple.

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