How to Download the Character in Koikatsu

This guide will show you how to download the character in the game Koikatsu.  

The first thing you will need to do is copy this link “”, and open it in any browser.

Step 1:  

Once the website is open, you have to right-click on the character’s image, tap on “save image as”, and save the image. 

Step 2:   

After that, open the file directory, right-click on the image, and tap on the “cut” option.   

Step 3:  

Open your folder game, and navigate to the “UserData” folder.  

Step 4: 

The next thing you will need to do is open the “chara” folder, navigate to the “female” folder, and paste it there.  

Step 5: 

In the game, you have to open the char maker, then go to a female.   

You have to update your game if you cannot read the item.

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