How To Earn 100,000+ Meep City Coins Fast For Free!

This guide will let you know how to earn 100,000+ Meep City coins fast for free.

  1. Fishing:

First, you have to make your way to the pet shop and buy some fishing rods.

And head to the pond, straight from the pet shop. It will take some time to catch fish with the fishing rod; stay patient and give some tries.

After catching the fishes, you can sell them to a man or to the pet shop to get some coins.

You can also fish in the neighborhood or near the waterfall.

  • Play games:

Playing mini-games is real fun, although it is time-consuming. You can earn trophies by completing the mini-games.

  • Collecting Flowers:

Collecting flowers is the best way to earn money in the Meep City game. The houses have different sizes, and each house has a different number of slots to plant flowers. You can buy the house with the most number of slots to plant the flowers. Castle has the most slots to plant flowers.

Equip your shovel and collect all the flowers. After that, you will need to water them to grow more plants. The more water you let, the less time it will take for them to harvest again. Each harvest can give you up to 1000 and even more.

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