How to Enable First Person Camera Mode – Sims 4

In this guide, you will learn how to enable the first-person camera mode in Sims 4. Follow the simple steps in this guide to enable the new first-person mode.

Step 1

You have to press shift and tab to switch into the first-person mode or hold the downshift and press tab.

Step 2 

You will need to use your mouse cursor to look around. 

Step 3

You can use the left click to interact with the world (e.G. pets, objects, sim).

Step 4

Then get your mouse arrow back and make other actions by holding shift. 

Step 5

You will need to move with your cursor to the place you want to go and then click it. 

Step 6

Right-click on a door to go outside of a room or house.

Step 7

After that, press control on your keyboard to get a natural view of the SIM. 

You can hit the tab to remove the UI. 

Step 8

Press the left or right keyboard arrow to switch your SIM.

It also allows you to see pets with a first-person camera.   

You can get the third person mode back by pressing shift and tab again.

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