How to Equip Body Armor in GTA 5 Online

This guide will let you know how to equip the body armor in GTA 5 Online. You have to follow the simple instructions in this guide to equip the body armor. 

You will first need to go to the options menu and open up the game map. You will need to go to the Ammu-Nation Store, which is indicated as a weapon icon on the map. There are a total of nine different locations on the map. 

Enter inside the store on your left side, and you will see the armor section; you need to press right on the D-pad to open the selection menu, as shown in the image below.  

You have to select the body armor, you can only buy 5 body armor from there, and you cannot purchase anymore because all of your armor slots are equipped. The body armor bar is located on the bottom left side of the screen. 

If you want to equip your body armor, you have to open your interaction menu by pressing the touchpad and then go to the inventory option. After that, you will need to scroll down and go to the body armor option, then select the body armor, as shown in the image below.   

If you want to show your armor, you have to go to the Auto Show Armor Option and turn it on. If you equip the super armor, it will provide you the maximum protection from bombs or fires. The body armor will also help you in different missions of the game.

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