How to Escape the Fog in Guardians Of The Galaxy

This guide will let you know how to escape the Fog in Guardians Of The Galaxy.  

When you go to the fog rooms and rockets in the first fog puzzle, you respond with spawns that add to the enemy. You don’t have to respond to them and wait for the timer to end the Fog. When the timer is completed, the Fog will be gone, as shown in the image below.  

In the second fog part, you will fight with the clones of yourself in the Fog, so now you have to send the rocket to the yellow-colored things, as shown in the image below.  

To find the yellow thing, you will need to go to the other side, and there you will find a yellow thing in between the rocks, near the statue. 

After that, he will go behind the statue and then blow the part of it. He has to go through the water, which takes time, so now you have to use the other one as Gamore or Groot get taken up by the Fog. 

When they both take up, he will accept to go in. When you blow up both of these things, you have to switch to your winning shot and take out his head means the green gem; pull it out from his head, stop the Fog, and end the Fog puzzle.  

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