How to Exit the Ring in WWE 2K22

This guide will tell you how to exit the Ring in WWE 2022. Go through the guide and follow the simple steps to do it on Xbox, Playstation, and PC.

There are multiple ways to do that. The first way is that you will need to press R1 on Playstation, RB on Xbox, and O on PC while moving towards the ropes. You can do the same to go back in the ring.

The second way is that you will need to move your left stick on Xbox and Playstation towards the ropes until you leave the ring. You can use W, A, S, and D on the PC.

The next way is that you have to run. You need to press L2 on Playstation, LT on Xbox, and shift on PC to run. After that, press RB, and R1 while running. You have to run towards the ropes and press RB, R1, and O to exit.