How to Farm : Bloodstained Chivalry Set – Genshin Impact

In this guide, you will learn how to farm Bloodstained Chivalry set, Noblesse Oblige set, Keqing electro in Genshin Impact. 

Following is the dungeon location to drop the set bloodstained chivalry and noblesse oblige. So let’s enter this dungeon and see the global strategy to clean it and farm it.

Here are two sets, bloodstained chivalry has a good 2Ts boosting phys DMG, And Noblesse Oblige a Very good support 4Ts boosting all-party % ATK.

The team will be Xiangling and Amber for pyro resonance Keqing main electro Dmg dealer and Barbara support heal/book.

You don’t have to use the Geo DMG bonus because our waifu is not Geo. So, let’s see the global strategy. First, we will need to distract one cryo mage.

Then Begin the Kill of the pyro mage.

When he is dead, you have to focus on one cryo mage.

And lastly, after killing him, go for the last cryo mage and finish him.

Challenge completed: You now have the global idea; let’s check this ifn detail. 

The key of this fight is not to take damage; you can die very easily in this fight if you don’t take care of mages attacks. Before beginning the fight, Precast Bunny will taunt the cryo mage and gives you free time without watching him.

Then you will need to switch to Barbara using her song and book boost on keqing and directly attack the pyro mage using her E twice and attacks.

Keep an eye on the Cryo Mage while damaging the Pyro Mage and dodge his cryo attack.

At his second attack, the other cryo will also attack you, so make sure to dodge the shots.

While dodging, it’s time to pop Guoba and Bunny Back.

And use this taunt time to burst the pyro mage. You have to kill him before going on the cryo mages.

Next, you have to refresh Bunny, Guoba, and cast Amber’s ultimate to break the cryo shield.

After that, use keqing bursting him, as usual, you can ultimate to aoe, gain %crit rate, dodge damage.

Always take care of incoming damage while damaging the mage.

When there is only one cryo left, the fight will be over. Just Pop, Bunny, Guoba, switch to Barbara for sond+Book.

And just finish him with keqing using what you want.

Let’s now see some tips helping you doing all of this.

To well place Bunny, come over here and try to launch little left of the shining circle.

While under Babara’s song, you might get frozen by the cryo mage. Make sure to hit space fast to avoid taking the damage.

You can pop Groba next to the unshielded pyro mage to trigger overloaded.

You can also use Xiangling ultimate to take down shields and triggering elemental reactions.

Refreshing Guoba, Bunny, and the switching Barbara will help you with your brust.

You can try to interrupt the casting cryo mage, but sometimes he won’t let you interrupt his casting, so take care of not losing too much life.

When he screams, be careful at the ground 3, red circles will spawn, dealing you a lot of damage.

Sometimes while fighting the pyro mage, he spawns a pyro ball. It will follow you and deal massive aoe damage next to you. Be sure to dodge it quickly.

That’s why you have to focus on the pyro mage as fast as you can to get rid of this annoying pyro ball.

Try to always put pyro element on an unshielded mage with Guoba on your two pyro ultimate to trigger overloaded.

Remember the scream; only hearing this will make you taking care of the red circle and press dash if needed.

It is better to use barabar’s song after the cryo shield is down. Otherwise, it will freeze you often.

Well done; let’s check keqing build used in this guide.

Lastly, let’s see a run now, resuming all you know about how to clean and farm this dungeon.

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