How to Farm Catfood – The Battle Cats

This guide will provide you with different methods to farm the Catfood very easily in The Battle Cats. These are very simple methods so everyone can do this. 

The first method is the most useful and easy. When you find a new cat, you will need to go to the cat guide. Search and select it and you’re gonna get 5 cat food!

The second method is a little harder.

There are two methods here. 

The first one consists of completing the weekly missions, and you will get 30 cat food every week by completing the missions, you can even get plat tickets. 

The platinum tickets and cat food one are very easy.

And you can complete stages as a story of legends for cat food with this method. 

The next method is the most powerful one. You have to complete new stages, such as the Christmas one, and you’ll get 30 cat food every time you beat.  

The new stages and once a month will get more than 50 cat food with the stage “catfood day”. 

It is a pretty hard stage, but there are some easier ones as well. 

The next method is pretty bad but still gives you the cat food.  

It’s the Gamatoto; you can get more than 4 cat food a day with him.  

And if you have him lvl 100 or more, you can get up to 15.

You can even spam Ketamine if you want and make him come back from expedition 11.

The next method is the simplest one, watch ads, and you can get 1 cat food with 5-30 seconds of the ad. 

By levelling up, you can even get cat food and fruit. Another method is completing zombie outbreaks with it. 

You get 10 cat food every time you clear an area, and they appear pretty much every time you play. For this, you will need to complete the game. 

So if you’re a beginner, you can try the other one first. 

The last method is by joining daily with it you’re going to get something new every day or make the free try of the golden pass. 

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