How to Farm Fire Talons in ARK: Extinction

In this guide, you will come to know how to farm Fire Talons in ARK: Extinction. Go through the guide, and follow the step-by-step instructions to farm it. 

Fire talents are rare in the game; they only drop from corrupted wyverns, The corrupt Librans are so hard to kill, so it isn’t easy to get a hold of these things. There are several ways of killing corrupt wyverns that are effective.

You will need a snow owl and a few villainous ores with a high level. It is not a requirement for the Vilano source. The Forbidden Zone is at ten latitudes and about 60 longitudes; when leveling the snow owl, you need to focus primarily on health and stamina. For the Vilanis Ores, you have to focus on health because the Valannus ores melee attack stat will have no impact on the range attack, so you can use it primarily in this strategy.

Once you have them in place, you can fly up with your snow owl, and there you have to fly as high as possible in the cave. You don’t need to aggro anything in this cave other than the wyverns you want to drag to the volcano source.

You can easily avoid growing gigas and rexes and reaper kings if you keep high altitude. When you have a groat and wyvern, you need to go into a steep dive to gain speed and distance. Don’t go too low in your dive because you will aggro anything on the ground.

You have to use your free look camera to ensure that the wyvern follows you. You may see some flames licking at your heels because the hitbox of the flame attack is shorter than the effect.

When you get closer to your Vilano sores, you need to go into another dive. If you want them on a hill, you need to tell them to attack when the wyvern does that, they will use their ranged attack, and the ranged attack will bring the wyvern to the ground.

You want to keep moving when it is, and as long as you rotate around the wyvern, its breath attack will not hit you. It will also catch one or two of your Vilano sores because the Vilano sores attack will bring the wyvern to the ground, putting into play any melee creature for this. You don’t have to get Vilano sores, you could also get Rex’s and Alice ores, and you will make short work of the wyverns that the Vilano sores are bringing to the ground.

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