How to Farm In Farthest Frontier

In this guide, you will come to know how to Farm in the Farthest Frontier.

Farming is difficult in the Farthest Frontier. So first of all, you will need to open the menu.

To set up the Crop cycle, you have to drag the crop you want to farm in the year slot at your desired position. There are three crop years listed in progression, you will need to put the crops and maintenance according to your desire and sequence into those slots but just make sure to keep in mind the following guidelines

From the menu, you can do everything from sowing to harvesting and maintenance. The first thing to select from the menu is what you want to grow on the farm. But you should not forget about the maintenance of your crops which is done by these workers.

Following are the crops which you can grow on the farm.

You can select each crop and see its properties, such as frost resistance and fertility. If you want to increase fertility, you can farm clover as it has a high fertility rate shown on the menu.

You have to put the field maintenance at the first or last of the crop cycle and there are other important things you should be mindful of. You should put those crops at the start or end of the year which have high frost tolerance while those which have low frost tolerance, put them in the middle of the season.

If the weed level is rising, you need to put additional maintenance on the field. You can also do Crop rotation as it is beneficial for the fertility of the crops.

When you have selected the corp don’t forget to customize the soil mixture, and you can do it through the following bar.

When you start planting the crop, the menu will show you your crop’s expected yield, actual yield, fertility rate, and wastage in farming due to the fertility rate. If it is low, then you can take precautionary and preventive measures accordingly.

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