How to Farm In The Wandering Village

This is a quick farming guide in the wandering village. This guide will provide you with everyhting you need to know about farming. 

First off, you have to find research things for farming; the tomato plant, the corn, and the wheat.

The wheat obviously has a windmill and a bakery for you to make bread and the cactus which only gives you water but is very important. You need to have a cactus farm all the time.

When you click on the farm, you need to click on add plot to add a plot and they’ll build up the plot. Don’t click plant or harvest; if you click one, it will either only plant if you click plant or it’ll only harvest.

In the plant’s tab, you can switch what you want to grow. As you see what’s the temperature in the area. You should always be aware of what the temperature is and what you’re growing. The temperature should not be red.

After that, you can get compost by just clicking the tools tab. There’s nothing wrong with clicking it ahead of time before you build the building.

The buildings you need are the dung collector and the compost heap. Then you’ll be able to make compost which will help your plants grow faster.

That’s all you need to know about farming.

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