How to Farm Millions Of Studs Money In LEGO Star Wars Skywalker Saga

This guide will tell you how to farm Millions Of Studs Money in minutes in Lego Star Wars Skywalker Saga. Go through the guide and follow the step-by-step instructions to farm it. 

You will need to complete episode four which is New Hope. Once you’ve got that, you can come into the game, open the main menu, then go into free play and choose that level again. It is the level where you go in and destroy the death star. When you go in for the second time and complete a new hope episode, you need to head over to the story and skip all the cutscenes. At first, when you do it, you’ll get 80 to 100 000 studs per run. The run takes 90 seconds to 2 minutes, and you need to make sure to destroy the structures while doing it. 

You will be getting money for destroying the tire fighters, so you want to focus on the structures and get through the mission as quickly as possible. After that, go out to get all the structures because it will waste time. You want to get it done, so go through it all. Once you get to the end, you will get another cutscene. You can skip that and then repeat it.

Now you have to try and do it with a bounty hunter character; you need to set it as your main character each time and start with a torpedo to get up to six to seven million a run.

It’s not long because you’re doing the same thing repeatedly, but it will take two or three hours, and you get to this stage and get money for days. You can buy all the capital ships and all the characters, so you have to do it at the exact location because you don’t have to load the ship when you come back in.

You have to go to the bounty hunter’s skill tree, and you can find hidden bounties there. It is helpful in the early stages. You will get massive bonuses, but max that out. You get points every time you kill a tie fighter and additional money when you destroy the structures. It is not as crucial as getting the attract studs ability in the primary skill tree, which will give you the ability to attract more studs from further away.

So you have to unlock it. You can find these datapads all over the place; there are 18 in the game, and they’re not hard to find. You can see them wherever you go on a mission, so you want to get enough to unlock them. You only need three, which consumes five minutes, and then you can buy the studs. So go straight to the times four because you have completed the whole story, all nine episodes, and had about two million.

Now you have to buy the times four, two, and the time sticks. They do stack, and the more you have, the quicker it goes. So you can earn infinite amounts of money doing this in a brief period, maybe two to four hours.

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