How to Farm Thundering Fury Set In Genshin Impact

In this guide, you will learn how to farm the Thundering Fury Set easily with your Keqing phys crit/Dmg build.

The ideal team will be Healer/Keqing/2pyro for the resonance.

First, you have to burst down the three annoying cryo slimes. Takedown shield with the two pyros kills the cryo abyss mage with Keqing.

Just loot, leave and repeat to farm.

More in detail now, you will need to begin with Amber.

Pop her (Baron Bunny) to taunt and regroup the slimes.

After that, you have to switch to Xiangling to pop Guoba and her ultimate.

And then switch back to Keqing, finishing off the slimes. Next, take the abyss mage’s shield down with Guoba/baron bunny, and Amber charged fire attack(Baron bunny will distract the mage while you aim but take care of the second mage).

Then must kill the mage with Keqing. You can ultimate to increase your crit rate/Aoe Damage, the second mage/gain immunity to damage. You will need to repeat the same process for the last Abyss mage.


Good job, you got it; let’s check Keqing and Xiangling build now.

There is a little upgrade of Keging stats and weapon from lvl 70 to 80.

Xiangling build now !

Let’s see now the problems you can face while farming.

Your burst has not killed the three slimes, or you have no ultimate available. Try to move very often to avoid all the cryo damage. And don’t stay in front of slime when they cast their breath attack.

You can use Guoba and Baron bunny when available.

Try to cast amber ultimate when slimes are next to each other.  When a slime is alone with no shield, you can try to take it down with Keqing.

Lastly, you have to use Xiangling ultimate when available to burst their shield. Don’t forget barbara Aoe heal and heal buff when needed.

Try to finish all slimes before going to the abyss mages.

You can now resume the abyss mage normal killing strat taking down shield with the pyro and killing with Keqing.

One last problem you can have even with a good burst.

Don’t fight the abyss mage like that pushing him towards the stones.

He will end on top of them like that.

To help you deal with it, you can use Keqing E and plunge attack or Keqing ultimate to make him stop casting.

And lastly, you can use amber’s charged attack.

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