How to Farm Viridescent Venerer Set In Genshin Impact

In this guide, you will learn how to farm Virdescent Venerer set in the Genshin Impact game. It will also provide you with the best Keqing Venti build. 

You will find all the monsters at the beginning. It will be easier and faster. This strategy is based on Venti enabling Plunge attacks.

Here is a very easy global strategy pack with ventis ultimate, charged E, and plunge attacks.

Starting with a venti, launch events, and we will directly use his ultimate, that’s why all the monsters will be packed immediately without casting. 

You will need to use venti charged E, do a plunge attack, and use all other character’s E once, Qiqi then barbara, and Keqing.

Doing so, they will be frozen and super conducted. Now spam Keqing plunging attacks to burst them. 

When venti’s E disappears, it is time to redo the same process. Switch to venti, run a little bit and ultimate charge E. Then do the spam plunging attacks directly or use keqing ultimate then plunging attacks.

Finally, you have to use Qiqi and Barbara E combo to Freeze the last running enemy and Keqing E once to get Superconductor and Charged attacks. Well done you know the easy way to farm this domain heal your team with barbara, get the drop and repeat all the strategies. 

Here is this domain location and what you can get. Reminder, all the sets drop not only the flower.

Let’s see another run with the same team with some tips. 

Keep an eye on where the wind vortex monster is being pushed away. You have to plunge on them and quickly get back to the wind.

With venti, after using the ultimate, take care of monsters casting spells and launching things at you. It would delay the process and deal damage.

With this team composition, you can “Tank” this monster’s Ultimate Electro Aoe. 

Next, if you don’t have Qigi, you can use kaeya instead the same way. 

Let’s see A run with kaeya. Just use kaeya ultimate and do the same as before. If you decide to use Keqing ultimate, be sure to quickly spam plugging attacks as soon as you move. 

Let’s go for another kaseya run. A reminder, you must do venti’s ultimate fast here otherwise one monster will cast his Aoe and will bump you. You should wait to get all the monsters frozen before plunging. 

Don’t forget to keep your distance from the monster when she follows you with her electro ultimate Aoe. 

Come closer to cast venti’s ultimate otherwise if you are too far, venti will ultimate elsewhere but not on the monsters.

Let’s move on to the builds used in this guide. Not all the supporters are optimized but you can see the tiers set. 

We begin with Keqiang’s build. She is on her Phys/crit rate build. 

Next is Venti’s build based on energy to always have his ultimate ready.

Then Kaeya’s build is the same as Venti’s based on energy recharge. 

Barbar’s build now, she is here to apply hydro/switching book. You can default her with a basic heal 4TS or go other as you wish. 

Lastly, here is a run with 2 pyros. You can really adapt to the team like you wish it will work. 

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