How to Fast Travel – New World

This guide will let you know how to Fast Travel in the New World. You have to follow each step very carefully to travel fast across the world. 

Every settlement has a fast travel area, so you need to head to the middle of the map, where you will find stones.

When you get there, you have to interact with the stones, which will unlock the fast travel menu, and it looks the same as your map. You can go to any other settlements or shrines worldwide through the teleport; click on the place you want to go and then tap on the fast travel option from the menu, as shown in the image below.  

You will need azoth to do the fast travel; you can earn it from certain enemies and complete the quest. If you don’t have enough azoths, then you can’t travel fast. 

Fast travel is the best way to reach different settlements and shrine areas in no time. You can find the shrines in several areas, and it looks like the rocks on the map; if you want to fast travel to shrines, you have to click on the shrine from the map and select the fast travel option to teleport you to that shrine.

You can also use these shrines to teleport back where you came from, so you have to make sure to unlock shrines so that you can use them to fast travel.  

You can also use your recall which will only teleport you to the sign-in places, and you can only use this option for one time in 60 minutes which will teleport you back to your main settlement. It is another method to travel around the world. 

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