How To Fight Against Double Vector

This guide will provide you with the best tricks and tips to fight against the Double Vector.

  • The Double Vector is not a good gun when it comes to long-range battles. So you should stay at a distance and target your enemy with ranged shots.

But if the enemy is not coming out of the cover, you will need to engage him in the close fight. A shotgun is best for close range, reaching closer to the enemy and killing him with two to three bullets.

  • The firing rate of the Double vector is very high, so the best strategy is to attack the enemy once and take the cover of the glue wall. Follow this to hit the enemy multiple times, and he will be dead.

  • You can also surprise the enemy. For example, if the enemy is waiting for you on the right side of the cover. You have to approach him from the opposite side and kill him with a surprise attack.

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