How to Fill All 4 Soul Spheres – Roblox Zombie Uprising

This guide will let you know how to fill all four soul spheres in Zombie Uprising. 

The first thing you will need to find is a statue holding a ball. 

Make sure it is filled enough. If the statue is not fully charged, there will be a text above the statue.

And wait till night comes, like the blue one right here; it is already fully charged.

It does not have text above the statue.

So the first thing you need is to bring as many zombies as you can to the nearby statue.

And you have to shoot the zombies until they die.

And the statue automatically shoots with its color. And you have to repeat that till the statue is fully charged.

It took a while to do so.

The blue one is already fully charged; if there is no text above the statue, it is fully charged. 

Make sure to take the care package for bonus money and points.

If you ask what soul spheres are for? It’s for upgrading your weapon.

The upgrading machine is like this to upgrade your weapon. 

You must find all the soul spheres (4 in total)

The statue can’t shoot very long range.  

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