How To Find A Village In Minecraft

To find a village, you can look for some particular areas in minecraft. Villages can be in plains biomes, desert biomes, taiga biomes, savannah biomes and in snowy biomes as well. These are the five biome types where villages can be generated.

Plains Biomes

Desert Biomes

Taiga Biomes

Savanna Biomes

Snowy Biomes

Village in Desert Biome

Village in Snowy Biome

Village in Taiga Biome

Remember that villages doesn’t generate in the jungle biomes, mushroom islands, mesa biomes and swamp biomes.

Jungle Biomes

Mushroom Islands

Mesa Biomes

Swamp Biomes

If you cannot find a village anywhere, it might be because you have turned the generated structures off when you created the world. Turn it on by clicking the more world options tab to create a new world and to see the villages in it. 

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