How to Find All The Flowers (Plant Badge) – Stray

In Stray, you have many collectables, including batches that are wearable on a backpack. In this guide, you will find all the three locations of the Flowers (Plant Badge).   

Table of Contents

    Meeting Mellow

    When you visit Ant Hill, you will meet a lovely robot called Mellow. Then, your task will be to find three different flowers around the map. The colors of the flowers are red, purple and yellow.

    Purple Flower

    To find the purple flower, go back down to the tower, in the direction of the robot lying on the sofa. You have to jump on the branch of a tree, move forward, and you will find the 1st purple flower.

    Red Flower

    Now for the red flower, you need to move to the mahjong table and walk behind the table. You will see a bucket there, sending you down to two robots, and you will get the red flower there.

    Yellow Flower

    Now for the final flower, move back up to the Baltazar. By passing it, you will see a small restaurant that sells ramen, go on the walkway by jumping on the pipe that comes bypassing the restaurant, and you will get the yellow flower there.

    Flower badge

    As you have completed your task, you need to return to Mellow and give these followers to him. Then Mellow will reward you with a flower badge.

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