How to Find an End Ship in Minecraft

To find an end ship you need to go to the end. Use eye of ender to locate strongholds and then activate their end portals.

Dig out the surface to find the end portals down there. Go deep till you find the hidden room doors.

Search this area to find end portals.

Fill up these twelve portals with eye enders to activate the end portals in order to enter into the end biome.

Enter into this biome by going over it.

After that, you need to defeat the ender dragon there

Now go underneath the dragon and use your diamond sword to kill the ender dragon. 

The ender dragon will start disappearing from the end biome. A portal called the end gateway will generate after defeating the ender dragon.

You can use it by throwing an ender pearl into it.

Now explore the islands and eventually you will find an end city.

End ships spawn with end cities. You may need to look for different end cities to find an end ship or you can be lucky to find it in the first end city you visit. Search for end cities and then for an end ship in it. On average 56.25 percent of end cities have an end ship. End ships are also the only way to obtain the Elytra in the Minecraft game. 

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