How to Find and Farm Melons in Minecraft

In this guide, you will learn how to find and farm Melons in Minecraft. You have to follow the simple steps to farm the melons.  

The easiest way to find melon is to find a savanna biome and then a village. There will be piles of melons in these villages for you to collect.

The uncommon jungle biome also spawns melons all over the jungle floor.

You can find melons in the extremely rare woodland mansion sometimes too.  

The slices of melons will give you one melon seed each. 

The melon seeds will create melon stalks, which will grow unlimited amounts of melons each.  

27.3% of mineshaft chests will have melon seeds.

There is an 18.5% chance of seeds spawning in a woodland mansion chest. There is also an 18.5% chance of seeds spawning inside a dungeon loot chest. 

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