How to Find and Mine Normal and Activated Resources in No Man’s Sky

This guide will let you know how to find and mine Normal and Activated Resources in No Man’s Sky. You have to follow the step-by-step instructions in this guide to do so. 

For this, the main thing, you will need to upgrade the survey device for your analysis visor since you won’t be able to find the resources without it; you can get it from the multitool vendor on the space anomaly using minutes. You will also need the mineral extractor blueprint, and you can get it from the construction research station on the space anomaly. 

To start, you’re going to find the planet that has the resource you want to mine and go to it. If you want to mine an activated resource, you will do the same as with a normal resource and find a planet with the activated resource you want and go to it. 

Once you reach the planet that you’ve decided on, you’re going, then land, and use your analysis visor. If you have the survey visor upgrade, you’ll see a few options that you scan for, and you have to go to the mineral option (the one with the pickaxe) and begin looking for the resource you want on that planet.

When you go to scan, there is always the chance that nothing will come up and say no nearby hotspot. So all you have to do is move around to different spots on the planet until you get a signal for a hotspot.

Also, when you find a hotspot, you should see a letter, that letter being either C, B, A, or S, which represents how high percent the mineral deposit will be, and the higher the percent, the more resources you can pull from a deposit.

C only goes to a max of 40%

B goes to 60%

A goes to 80%

S goes to 100%

Because planets can have multiple planetary resources on them, there’s also a chance that when you find a mineral hotspot, it will be a different resource than what you’re looking for.

Once you find the resource you’re looking for, you will see a percentage; the closer you are to the hotspot, the higher the percentage will go, and the higher the percent is, the more resources a mineral extractor will generate when placed and vice versa. So make sure when placing your extractors, they are as close as you can get them to the deposit to get a good amount of resources.

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