How to find Bastions using F3 – Minecraft Speedrunning

In this guide, you will get to know how to guide Bastions in the nether. All you need is to follow the steps explained in the guide, and it will help you in the game. 

Speed Running is the technique used by most of the players in Minecraft. It’s a straightforward technique which you can learn easily and quickly. To do this, come up to the nether. All you need is to find the Bastions.

Now press the F3 key. You will find the E number at the top left corner of the screen; It is the entity count number. As you can see in the image below that 125 is the total number of entities present around you, and the number 30 is the current entities over the screen, or you can say that within the FOV. It can be through the walls, so you may not see it. 

If you minimize your FOV, the E number decreases because your screen gets smaller so that your entities.

Now roll your mouse over the screen and find where the E number is high. You can even maximize your FOV and see there that your E number is still high. It means you can get the Bastions here.    

Now you need to go that way. On the way, you will notice that the E number goes up when you get closer to the Bastions. You need to be aware of Crimson Forests because they have many mobs here, which is not good for you.  

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