How to Find Carrots in Minecraft (All Versions)

This guide will show you How to Find Carrots in Minecraft.

There are many ways to find carrots but one of the simplest ways is to go to a village because it is very likely that farmers will be farming carrots.

There is a 25% chance in bedrock addition that you’ll be able to trade emeralds for carrots.

So you have to explore the farmland and level up the farmers so that you can trade with them to get your carrots.

You can also mass produce carrots on your own farm.

The other way is by killing zombies which are down below in the mineshaft.

There can be different types of zombies the regular ones, villagers zombies, and the husk version of the zombies. They have a 2.5% chance of dropping the carrots and this will increase to about 3.8% if you have looting number 3 on.

There is a 50% chance that you’ll find a carrot in the village outpost chest. Also if you are in the sea, looking for shipwrecks there is a 50% chance to find a carrot in Supply chests.

But the best way to find a carrot is in the village.

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