How To Find Madam Nazar’s Location In Red Dead Online 2

In this guide I will be showing you how to easily find Madam Nazar’s location in red dead online 2, please follow the following steps to find the location of Madam Nazar.

Firstly we will try to locate Madam in our red online map, as you can see that we can’t find madam anywhere on the map, here are the three screenshots, we can’t locate the Madam Nazar.

Now press the options button and select the progress button from the menu.

After that select the story missions. 

Then select the mission “A Life Of Shine”.

Once the mission is loaded, press the options button and select the “quit to free room” option.

This will take use to the free room.

If we open up the map now then we can locate the madam Nazar’s location.

There we go, this is the location of Madam Nazar. 

This method can be used on a daily basis to find the new location of Madam Nazar.

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