How to Find Moles In Two Point Campus

This guide will let you know how to find Moles in the Two Point Campus.

It happens on one of the levels where you start with the spy goal and on any subsequent levels where you get the spy school. There is a chance for spies to infiltrate you and become moles disguised as students.

So they’re hard to tell who is the spy. If you fire the wrong one or if you expel the wrong one, you will lose that person’s tuition fees and any other profit they would make. So it’s important you get the right ones.

The first thing you want to do is save and then look where you see these sort of confusing symbols like this or whirly circles. You just have to wait and you will find as someone leaves and if they are not the mole, then the symbol above their head will disappear as they walk away because they’re no longer under the mole’s influence. But if they are the mole, the symbol will stay above their head for a considerable time.

So watch out for them and expel them.

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