How to Find the Portal Room (Navigate Stronghold)

In this guide, you will come to know how to find the portal room to get to the stronghold. You have to follow the steps explained in the given guide, and it will help you out for sure in the game. 

Firstly, you have to locate the stronghold using Ender Eyes. In this case, the stronghold is located somewhere here. 

Now you have to press the F3 and G keys to activate the chunk border. Then throw the ender eye and see where it goes into the ground. 

Now press the F3 key to see the chunk numbers. Then move the mouse over the screen until the first, and the last number comes to 3, and then you have to start digging here.      

It will take you to the stronghold location. The starter staircase is the start of the stronghold; it might look like a tree. You have to go through many ways. The tree has a lot of branches, and the root of the tree is the starter staircase. 

Now the main difficulty is to find the portal room. You have to go through the door which is flat to the wall. The example is given in the picture below.

YYou don’t have to go through the doors embedded into the wall like they have a gap between the wall and the door. You can see the example in the picture below. It means if you go through the doors like this, you are heading in the wrong direction and moving towards the starter staircase.  

You can put the blocks on your way, which will help you to get back to the staircase.  

The portal room is located near the staircase. The more you go away from the staircase, the chances decrease to reach the portal room. So to get to the portal room, you may go through about 10 to 11 rooms, and it is enough. The chances to get to the portal after that number of rooms decreased. So keep it in mind while approaching the portal room. You can put the blocks in the room to count the numbers of the rooms you are going to. You must consider the corridor as a room.

You must have to enable your subtitles. You can see them at the bottom of the right-hand corner. It helps you to get the name of the thing you hear the sound of. If you hear the sound or see the silver fishes, you are probably close to the stronghold

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