How to Find the Space Anomaly/Nexus in No Man’s Sky

This guide will let you know how to find the Space Anomaly/Nexus in No Man’s Sky. Go through the guide and follow all the instructions carefully to find it.

You will need to make the hyperdrive before you start looking for the space anomaly. Once you have the hyperdrive, you have to warp to a new system.

You will get a message that will ask you if you want to be guided to a fuel source you have to accept, and it will take you to a Monolith.

Once you finish speaking to the Monolith, it will tell you to go into the space where you have to scan the planets in your system. If you don’t get an unknown message on your ship while scanning the planets, you have to warp to a new system and scan until the message appears.

Once you get the unknown message and finish talking, it will give you a marker that takes you to a small campsite. You have to finish the awakenings quest there, and you will get a quest called Alone Amidst the Stars.

Once you get the Alone Amidst the Starsquest, you have to head back into the space where you will get a message from Priest entity Nada. After you finish talking to him, the space anomaly will appear.

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