How to find the Underwater Islands in Subnautica

In this guide, you will learn how to find the Underwater Islands in Subnautica. You have to follow the simple instructions in this guide to find it. 

Starting from the coral tube sticking up out of the water, you have to make your way north or 1-Half a bump to the left of the north, and you will eventually come across the underwater islands.

It is recommended to have a sea moth with an mk1 depth module and perimeter defence, a Sea glide, a high capacity 02 Tank, a stasis rifle, and a beacon, so you can mark the area to come back to it easier.

The main threat you will encounter when underwater is the bone shark. When there are multiple bone sharks, they can heavily damage your sea moth; you have to use the perimeter defence against them or freeze them using the stasis rifle. Or avoid them as best as you can.

The coordinates for this location are (-102,  -179,  860). 

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