How to Find & Unlock CLAMS, Blackbeard, Bomb on a Stick & Bomb Cannon – TABS

This guide will let you know how to find and unlock the four secret units from the Totally Accurate Battle Simulator pirate update. 

First, you will need to click on Sandbox and then open up the Pirate map.  

After that, you have to enable the free camera mode by pressing F.  

The first unit is underwater, which is called Clams.

You will need to come close to it to unlock it.

The next secret unit is Blackbeard that is located inside the waterfall.

The third unit, “Bomb on a Stick, ” is located on a table outside. 

And the last one is behind the waterfall, the Bomb Cannon. 

Fighting with Blackbeard: 

Now with Bomb Cannon: 

Fighting with Clams: 

And this time with Bomb on a Stick:    

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