How to FIsh in Orb Vallis – Warframe

This guide will let you know how to fish in Orb Vallis in Fortuna. Go through the guide and follow the instructions to find the fish.   

The first thing you will need to do is buy the fishing spear from the business.

Once you buy it, you will need to equip it in your loadout gear slot.

But don’t forget to buy the bait.

Go to DRB Vallis.

Find any lake or pond and look for the greenish-looking fishing hotspots. And then, you will need to equip your fishing spear.  

You will need to aim with a right click and then press 2 to throw the bait.

After that, wait for the fish to come. 

To catch them, you have to throw the spear at them and click when it’s in the red.

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