How to Fix Can’t Add Funds To PS5 Wallet Balance

This guide will provide you with the best method to fix Can’t Add Funds to PS5 Wallet Balance. You must have to follow the simple instructions below to fix it.

You have to go to settings and then navigate to User and Accounts. After that, go to your account and it might ask you to log in. Then you have to go to your Payment and Subscriptions and navigate to your Payment Methods. You have added a payment method that can be your credit/debit card or Paypal account, you have to delete all these payment methods and then re-add it back in.

After adding your payment method back in, you have to go to your account and then go to your address. It might ask you to log in, now you have to make sure that your address matches with your bank. As Sony is very strict with these pieces of information.

After doing this, go back to Payment and Subscription and then go to add funds. If still you get this problem, then you have to change your payment method to your Paypal account as Paypal will solve your issue.

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