How to Fix Couldn’t Sync Your Saved Data Due to a Conflict on PS5

This guide will let you know how to fix Couldn’t Sync Your Saved Data Due to a Conflict on PS5.

First, you will need to press your PlayStation button and go to download/upload. Then go to the save, click on View Error Info, and press Yes.

Now check if it fixes up your problem. Go to the home screen, then navigate to settings and scroll down until you find Save Data and Game/App Settings. After that, go to PS4 or PS 5 and navigate to Cloud Storage. Now you need to go to downloads in the Cloud Storage section and scroll down until you find the game. You have to check mark this game and then click on Download.

After that, go back to Console Storage and make sure that you have the latest game update under this list.

Now again go to Cloud Storage, navigate to Delete Now, find the game, and delete it from your PlayStation. Now the game will not be on the Cloud Storage.

After that, go back and start up the game, any kind of saved data will be uploaded to the Cloud Storage. Then you have to go to the console storage but there will be some sort of error. If you delete the cloud storage, then it will work properly.

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