How to Fix ERR GFX D3D INIT In GTA 5

This guide will let you know how to fix the error GFX D3D INIT in Grand Theft Auto 5. You have to follow all the instructions carefully to eliminate this error. 

First, you need to go to the Documents folder and open the Rockstars game folder. Then go to the GTA 5 folder located in the rockstar games folder in documents.

There, you will find a settings file of the game, you have to right-click on it and choose the edit option, and you will see that the file will open in the notepad. After that, scroll down to the bottom and find the “DX_Version value” command statement.

Now you need to change its value from one to zero, and once it is done, you need to save the file and close it. Start the game, and there will be no error. 

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