How to Fix Fortnite Failed to connect to network backend services

The most reliable method to fix the ‘Failed to connect to the network backend’ error in Fortnite is explained step-by-step below.

Step 1: You need to come up to the Start menu, and search for a Notepad. Now right click on it, and click on the Run as administrator option. 

Step 2: And then click on the Yes option.

Step 3: Now come up to the top left corner, and click on File. Then click on the Open option. 

Step 4: Now you have to come up to C:/ drive.

Step 5: Open the Windows folder.

Step 6: Here you need to find out and open the System32.

Step 7: Scroll down, and open the drivers folder.

Step 8: Then after it, you will need to double-click on the etc.

Step 9: At the bottom of the right hand corner, you need to choose the All files option.

Step 10: Select the hosts file, and click on the Open option.

Step 11: You have to delete all the text from here. 

Step 12: Click on File at the top left corner and then click on the Save option. This will resolve the error.

But if you are still facing a problem, then you either restart your PC or install the game again. 

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