How to Fix Lag in Roblox Mobile Devices

In this brief guide, you will come to know how to fix lag in Roblox games on the mobile version of Roblox.

So there are many issues you may be facing and the major one among these is the frame drops and lagging. 

There are three ways to fix the lag. You can try any method.

The first one is the basic method. The second and third one are the most effective methods so read out the complete guide.

1. In the first method, all you need to do is go to the settings and change the mode to manual from automatic. And downgrade the graphics quality, so you can get higher frame rates.

2. The second one is an effective method and one of the oldest tricks to fix the lag in any game. You will need to download the application named “Nomone Screen Resolution Changer”.

Then select the device template.

After that, you have to select your device and apply the settings. 

Then tap on the yes. 

Now you will need to tap the skip. 

Then the screen resolution will be decreased, so you can enjoy any game at full frame rates because of lower screen resolution and DPI.

And if you want to reset the resolution simply, open the app again and tap on restore. 

3. The third and the last method is very effective, its gamer box configuration method. 

You have to Install gamer box, then go to graphics resolution and set it to 480. 

Then click CPU Governor and choose Interactive. 

And set the quality mode to performance.

Then click memory management present at the main screen and enable all options inside it. And set Minfree type to Medium. 

Next, click on the game box engine and set it to normal. 

Open Roblox through the game box app drawer and play any game lag-free. These will surely help you play the games smoothly.

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