How to Fix Network Lag, High Ping & Packet Loss in Overwatch 2

This guide will let you know how to fix the network lag, High Ping & Packet Loss in Overwatch 2. Go through the guide and follow all the steps carefully to fix it. 

Overwatch 2 Server Status

First, you will need to verify the Overwatch 2 Server Status page to ensure that your network issues are not related to the server you are playing on. You can preview recent server outage reports for the game connection, login issues, and more on this page. You can use the live outage map to see where these reports are coming from. At this moment, you might experience server issues due to a large influx of players participating in the Overwatch 2 beta. 

Network Connection Test

If you feel like the issue is related to your network connection, you have to test your connection by visiting Without interruption, a normal Up & Download speed is important to have a stable gaming experience. Especially your Ping should remain below 100ms. 

Account For VIP Service 

You need to check for any VPN service running on your system at that time. And if there is, then you have to turn off your VPN while in-game. 

Connection Improvement

You need to use an ethernet cable to ensure the best possible connection. If you have to use a Wifi connection, then make sure to restart your router or modem if you haven’t done this in a while, and reduce the number of devices connected to the same network. 

Resource Monitor

Next, open up your Task Manager by searching for it in your Start Menu search. In the Performance tab, you have to click on Open Resource Monitor. In the Network tab, open the Processes with network activity, and after a few seconds, you will see every process using your network connection. It might be your browser running in the background, Steam or a download bottlenecking your connection. You only need to end the processes you know won’t break your operating system. 

Command Prompt

Next, open up your Command Prompt by searching for cmd and hitting enter. Use the command: Ping This command will check your latency and packet loss to google’s servers. If your Ping is higher than 100ms, or if you encounter any packet loss, you should make a few changes to your connection and follow the next tweaks. ipconfig /flushdns This will flush and reset the content of your DNS resolver cache. Using this command can fix the network-related issues with Overwatch 2. 

Verify Connection to ISP

If you still have latency and lag issues, you should verify your connection to your ISP and make sure that you are using a decent data plan. You can troubleshoot this step by switching your connection to your hotspot. 

Change DNS Server Address

After that, you need to change your DNS server address if your network connection still causes the problem. Open your Control Panel by searching for it in your start menu search. Make sure to View by: Category, and click on Network and Internet. Next, click on Network and Sharing Center, and here select your connection. It will open up this window, containing some general information about your connection. 

Navigate to Properties, and lastly, double-click the Internet Protocol Version 4. Select to Use the following DNS server addresses option, and as your Preferred DNS server, use: and as your Alternate DNS server, use: It will fix the network-related issues when playing Overwatch 2, as these are the official public DNS server addresses from Google, which are safe to use. 

Update Network Adapter Driver

To further troubleshoot network-related problems, update your Network Adapter’s driver. You have to search for Device Manager in your start menu search to open it up. Here, expand your Network Adapters, right-click the one you are using and select Update Driver. Finally, click on Search automatically for drivers. It will take a second to download and install the latest Network Adapter driver. 

Update Windows

You should also make sure that your Windows version is up to date. Search for Update to open up your Check for Updates system settings window. Your Settings will open up. Click on Check for Updates, Download or Install Now, and make sure to restart your PC after making all of these changes to your OS. 

Red Resource Intensive App:

Lastly, if you still get network-related issues, you most likely have software running on your system, which is hindering you from playing the game. To fix this, end processes from running in your Task Manager of recently installed programs which can change your files or use up your available resources, such as OBS, Shadowplay, CCleaner or Adobe applications, to troubleshoot which program is causing the issue.

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