How to Fix Not Enough Goods – Cities: Skylines

In this guide, you will come to know how to fix Not enough goods error in the Skylines. You have to follow the step-by-step instructions in this guide to fix that error. 

This problem occurs due to three reasons 

  • Not enough goods to sell.
  • Not enough buyers for products.
  • Not enough customers.

The solution to this problem is industrial space planning. It is that policy that makes the industry produce double the amount of the products by paying upkeep.

The second problem is caused by going overboard with the industrial space planning policy on two main districts and two main industrial areas. To solve this, you have to wait and be patient because if you try to build more industrial areas and do extra production of goods, you will overdo it, but as you know, it takes time for that to happen. 

So you might increase the amount of goods in many places and then you have to find out that you can go overboard.

The key to balancing the goods between the commercial and industrial areas is to use the small district of industry depending on whether your industry is embedded with other regions or not. Then wait to check if it affects you and then produce more goods if you want to. 

And then you have to increase the amount of goods that you produce slowly. 

But if you go all out, you will face other problems like the industry will not be able to sell off their goods, the solution to lack of customers is you have to wait for commercial areas, and you need to fold the budget and the profits of the industry. When you have the result and check that the profits are increasing, you will know that the industry is selling their goods and if you check the profit is decreasing then that means they are failing to sell their goods.  

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