How to Fix PS4 Error WS-37337-3 (PSN Banned Signed Out)

This guide will let you know how to fix the PS4 error WS-373373-3, PSN Banned Sign Out. You have to follow the steps in this guide to fix this issue. 

PS4 error WS-373373-3 occurs when you try to play the game or try to go online. When someone reports against you and you get banned temporarily. You will also receive an email explaining the reason for the ban and the duration until it goes over. If you want to wait until it is over, you can, but if you don’t want to wait, you have to contact Sony. 

To do so, you have to open your browser and go to the Support Team of Sony, as shown in the image below.  

When you get there, you will need to click on the “Help with my Account” option and click on the Contact Us button. When you do that, it will ask you for some common information regarding the account, so you have to input your information and click on the REQUEST CHAT button, as shown in the figure below.  

After that, wait for a while because there will be a lot of wait time to chat with the support team. When you contact the support team, you have to tell them that you have not done anything wrong, and you can also say that you falsely flagged this and please reopen the account. You have to move forward with the chat and let them know everything because, as you know, it is a temporary ban, and they can unban you before time. 

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