How to Fix Roblox Not Launching

In this guide, you will learn how to fix the Roblox Not Launching error and Not Starting on Windows error in Roblox

For the Roblox Player to launch correctly, make sure that the Roblox servers are operational and that you are using a reliable network connection. You have to navigate to; it will allow you to see if the Roblox servers are active. You have to make sure that the website and games played on your PC are up and running if you’re playing on your PC. You can also look at the service errors or server maintenance history below. 

Test Network Connection

If the servers are all operational, it is suggested to test your network connection using a speed testing app or website, such as It will allow you to preview your latency, or ping, which should remain below 100ms and your average upload and download speed, which should be stable to ensure that the Roblox Player is starting up properly. 

Default Browser

Next, you should be using your default Windows browser to navigate to and launch experiences. Completely exit out of your browser by closing all windows and then right-click the browser in your system tray and select Exit. After that, search for Default Apps to open up your default application system settings on your Windows PC and search for the browser you are using for Roblox. You can then click on Set default to make Google Chrome your default browser or any other browser you wish to use.

Disable Ad Blocker Extension

You have to re-open your browser and navigate to Select your extension’s icon on the top right and select Manage Extensions. Similar options are available when using a different browser such as Firefox, Edge or Opera. Suppose you’re using an ad-blocking extension or any other extension that could prevent a website from loading and showing content. In that case, you have to disable it temporarily to see if this fixes the problem when Roblox is not launching correctly. 

Disable Third-Party Software

If this doesn’t fix the issue, you have to disable any scripts running on your PC with Roblox Studio. For example, any other cheat engines, mod software and third-party applications that can change your games files on your PC, such as the Roblox player, will not allow potential cheat software while starting up an experience. 

In your Task Manager, you have to identify these processes, right-click the task and select End Process. That could be CCleaner, my Anti-Virus application, or a game launcher such as Steam, installing a new game. In addition, you should prevent these apps from starting up automatically in the Startup Apps tab of your Task Manager. Right-click the applications in question and select Disable.  

Firewall Bypass

To further troubleshoot this problem, you have to ensure that your Windows Firewall is not blocking parts of the Roblox player application. Search for Firewall to open up your Firewall & Network Protection system settings window. You need to click on Allow an app through the Firewall, and a new window will open up. After that, click on Change settings, and then try to locate the Roblox application in this list. If you’re unable to find it, click on Allow another app. Next, click on Browse, and your file explorer will open up. 

The file path for the Roblox application is, first of all, the drive on which you saved the game, most commonly your C: drive, Users > your username > AppData > Roaming > Microsoft > Windows > Start Menu > Programs > Roblox. You need to select the Roblox Player application; it will add Roblox to the Allowed Applications list for your Windows Firewall. Make sure that the application is checked, and you can then close this window.

Update Graphic Driver

It would help ensure that your graphics driver was up to date. Use the GeForce Experience application if you’re using an NVIDIA GPU, but you can also use the AMD Radeon Software. You have to click on Download in the drivers’ tab to download and install the latest driver automatically. It will often fix startup issues for Roblox on your PC. 

Update Windows OS

Additionally, make sure that you’re running the latest Windows version. Navigate to the Windows Update tab in your settings, click on Check for Updates, Download or Install. Now download the latest update and restart your PC to install the newest update properly. Lastly, if you have admin permissions on your PC, it is suggested to run the Roblox Player as an admin to prevent startup issues. 

Run Roblox as Admin

You have to search for Roblox in your start menu search and select Open File Location. In your file explorer, right-click the Roblox Player application and select Properties. In the Compatibility tab, check the Disable full-screen optimizations and Run this program as an administrator before applying your changes. You will have to reinstall the Roblox Player to your system as a last resort, preferably another drive.

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