How to Fix Screen Size & Resolution Issues in Fortnite

In this guide, you will come to know how to fix the screen size, and also you will learn about the Resolution issues in Fortnite. 

Fortnite Video Settings

First, you have to set the Window Mode to Fullscreen. It will not only potentially fix screen size and resolution issues but also increase your overall performance when playing the game. You need to set the resolution option to your native monitor resolution. Some users fix their resolution problem when setting the Frame Rate Limit to Unlimited. 

In most cases, limit your framerate to save some resources, but setting it to unlimited can fix your problem. Next, you need to ensure that the 3D Resolution is set to 100% and that the DLSS option in your Advanced Graphics settings is disabled. You might want to enable it to boost your FPS, but it can cause display and resolution problems on some devices. 

Windows Display Settings 

You can close the game and open up your Windows settings. Under System, click on Display and ensure that the correct Display is selected and must use the recommended scaling and Resolution for your Display. You should also ensure that the highest available refresh rate is set in your Advanced Display settings.

Game Bar overlay

If you still experience screen size and resolution issues, you have to disable the Xbox Game Bar overlay in your Gaming settings. The Application overlays, especially Xbox Game Bar, can cause display and screen size problems when starting up games like Fortnite.

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