How to Fix the IFRUIT App Crashing – Gta 5

This guide explains two methods to fix the IFruit app from crashing. First method is to check that your phone is not too new and that it shouldn’t be too old as well. The second method is the hackies method. Both of these methods are explained in detail in the guide.

There are two methods to fix the IFRUIT app from crashing. One of the main reasons for the app not being loaded is that your phone is too new like around 2019 to 2021 and it has way too new software which can’t run an app which is around 8 years older. It may not be compatible with the software version of your phone because the rockstar never updated the app.

That’s the first quick method known and the second method is the hackies method. It is for when you load in like you have your account signed in and you can just load into the app easily. But once you click LS custom, go through the message and it just kicks you out, that is what this method is for. What you have to do is to get a 10 car garage and fill it up with 9 allergies.

All you are going to do is to start down the first allergy which means get in it and once.

Once you come out of your garage, all you want to do is to just drive around a little bit or you can drive down the street a little bit and you just turn around and drive back in. You will have to do it for every single car.

After driving all the cars, you will get into the current rubble and you just have to do the same thing which means just drive it out and then drive it back in.

After you are done with all that stuff,you have to set a timer for five minutes while you are in the game and after those five minutes are passed you just have to close the game. And then just load back up into the game and open the app, it is highly likely that through this method your issue will be resolved. If this method doesn’t work then go on to the other method according to which your phone is too new. In this case try to find someone other’s phone.that you know. You should make sure that your phone is not super old. So these are the two highly used methods to prevent the app from crashing.

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