How to Fly a Helicopter In Airport Tycoon (Roblox)

In this brief guide you will get to know how to fly a helicopter in the Airport Tycoon roblox game.

First thing you need to do is press ‘Y’ when you sit. This will turn it on.

And then hold ‘W’ to increase the throttle. Increase it to 100 percent to take off.

When you are in the air, lower the throttle a little by pressing S. This will make the helicopter more manageable.

To fly straight, point your cursor down. The lower you point the faster it will fly.

To turn, point your cursor to where you want to go. When landing you need to straighten up. Keep your throttle at 65 to 70 percent.

You can use D and A to move the Heli sideways. Lower the throttle to land. And X to turn it off. Here is what the numbers mean.


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