How to Fly A Plane In Roblox Airport Tycoon

In this guide we will teach you how to take off, fly and land a plane. We are using the cheapest plane by the way for this guide.

First you need to click “Plane” at the bottom or press 1.

Learn the controls, engine (E), Throttle up (W) and Throttle down (S). Press E to start the plane. Then hold W to move forward, and S to slow down if you need. Point your cursor to where you want your plane to go.

When you take off, you want to hold W until your Throttle goes all the way up. And point your cursor up.

When you are flying, you don’t want to stall. Stalling means you are too slow and you will fall.

Now when you want to land, you need to go slow but also balance your throttle. Don’t let the green bar go below the black vertical line. Then, when you are right above the runway, completely lower the throttle. Also try moving side to side if you don’t have enough space.

Move the cursor anywhere so the plane follows that. That’s how you fly and control a plane.


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