How to Fly Elytra In Minecraft PE

In this guide, you will learn how to fly Elytra In Minecraft PE. You will need to go to a higher location to fly Elytra. 

To fly Elytra, you will first need a firework rocket. You can make it by putting the gunpowder, and paper in a crafting table, as shown in the image below.  

To fly Elytra, you need to go higher from the ground, and the minimum height required to fly is 5 blocks. Only professional players can fly Elytra because it requires a lot of practice to fly from a lower height. So you have to make a higher launching pad. 

If you are playing in survival mode, you have to make sure not to fly from the lower ground, as when you land, it will give you a lot of damage. If you are in creative mode, then you can take the maximum height and try to fly. 

Wear Elytra on your chest plate, and grab the firework rocket. 

Then you have to jump from the height, press and hold the jump button to activate the Elytra. You will see that your character will start to glide, and then you have to tap and hold on the right side of your screen to release the fireworks, which will help you glide faster, as shown in the image below. 

If you know about the arrow dynamics, you have to do the same method as if you look down to the ground, you will come faster downwards, and if you look to the sky, you go faster towards the top. The fireworks will help you as a booster.

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