How to Fly Glitch in Any Game – Roblox

In this guide, you will learn how to Fly glitch in any game (Infinite Jump or Frog Jump). 

You can do this glitch in any game where you can touch other players. The only thing you need is a friend that also knows this glitch.

You will need to communicate with the other person. You can use the in-game chat, but it’s better to use voice chat or talk irl to do the timing better. This glitch lets you jump infinitely with a friend.

If you have faster internet, the timing will be more strict. If you have slow internet, you might see the person under you teleport above you.

This glitch is easier in r6 but can also be done in r15.

You can go pretty high with this glitch. To easily get completions in this game, you have to go near the entrance of the taller walls.

You and your friend should stand side by side like this.

Both of you Zoom in, then press jump simultaneously and stand on top of the other person. 

Just hold space after you step on each other, and you should fly up.

Once you are higher than the golden slope, both of you will need to press forward at the same time to land on the ceiling.

You can flow easily; just walk to the end.

When you reach the end, there will be an invisible ceiling, and you will need to go around it.

The end of this one gives two completions instead of 1.

You can try to spam click it to get more. The cekung is too low to reach it.

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